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Extract information from any window handle with just one mouse click by using this straightforward and easy to use software utility

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Window Pry is a simple and useful application designed to extract metadata from any window handle that you wish to analyze. It enables you to simply click on the element you wish to view and it displays information such as handle’s name, the class it belongs to, if it contains text, parent window as well as its RECT structure.

Easy to use application

The software enables you to retrieve the information that defines a window or a window handle, with a simple click. You can enable one of the two info grabbing modes. Select the Finder tool and drag and drop it on top of the instance you wish to analyze, or the Watch cursor function that extracts information from whichever handle lies at the tip of your cursor.

You can view the metadata you have selected as a summary that contains the basic parameters, or as a detailed list. The software displays data such as handle name, RECT structure, position in the parent instance, control ID, window style, size, resolution and whether or not it contains Unicode language. This can help you develop your own handles, as solution to runtime errors, for instance.

Tree structure

The Window Tree view displays all the windows opened on your desktop in a structure of nodes, along with the order in which they were accessed and the relations between them. You can view all the currently running processes, as well as those that run in the background.

For a simplified view, Window Pry enables you to exclude any untitled or hidden window from the tree structure.


Window Pry is an intuitive and multi-purpose tool that enables you to extract metadata from window handles. As a developer, you can use the software in order to help you define a program’s errors and create a handle that manages that particular irregularity. This way, you can offer the end-user a solution as well as help them avoid memory dumps.

Window Pry was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on April 3rd, 2015
Window Pry - Window Pry is a simple yet comprehensive software that enables you to view detailed information about any window handle.Window Pry - The software enables you to view a detailed list of element information or just the basic info in the summary tab.Window Pry - The Widow Tree view displays a series of information of all the windows and elements opened on your desktop.Window Pry - screenshot #4