XMLUnit for Java

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A library that extends NUnit and JUnit to enable unit testing of XML





XMLUnit for Java extends NUnit and JUnit to enable unit testing of XML. It compares a control XML document to a test document or the result of a transformation, validates documents, and compares the results of XPath expressions.

XMLUnit for Java provides two JUnit extension classes, XMLAssert and XMLTestCase, and a set of supporting classes (e.g. Diff, DetailedDiff, Transform, SimpleXpathEngine, Validator, NodeTest) that allow assertions to be made about:
· The differences between two pieces of XML
· The outcome of transforming a piece of XML using XSLT
· The evaluation of an XPath expression on a piece of XML
· The validity of a piece of XML
· Individual nodes in a piece of XML that are exposed by DOM Traversal

XMLUnit for Java can also treat HTML content (even badly-formed HTML) as valid XML to allow these assertions to be made about the content of web pages too.
Last updated on February 15th, 2013