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Build XUL XPCOM applications with a feature set that relies on Mozilla's technology with the help of a flexible and versatile runtime package






XULRunner is a runtime package that relies on Mozilla's proprietary technologies to provide developers with the means to build XUL XPCOM applications. It bundles tools and components that work together to help them lay the basis for rich apps, with capabilities that can even reach the feature set of Mozilla's Firefox or Thunderbird.

Embed Mozilla's technologies into your projects

The package is also deployed together with Firefox, enabling users to launch compatible applications. XULRunner includes libxul, which allows developers to include Mozilla-based technologies into other projects.

Usage instructions and useful tips are not bundled with the downloadable archive file, but extensive documentation alongside sample applications can be found online, on the official website. Prior programming and coding experience is a must if you want to work with XULRunner.

Extension support and deployment

XULRunner also provides support for extensions, but in order to install them, you must activate the Extension Manager in application.ini beforehand.

Applications built on XULRunner can be deployed on Windows, provided XULRunner is registered on the system. Since it does not come with a classic installation solution, users should consider using a third-party software utility to create XULRunner's directory structure.

A powerful runtime package

XULRunner is a versatile runtime package that can help you take advantage of Mozilla's powerful tools and options to create your own app and deploy it on any operating system. The extended online guideline can help you learn new things and implement them in your project.
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
XULRunner - XULRunner is a runtime package that relies on Mozilla's technologies to help you build apps.