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A reliable emulator for the 8086 microprocessor that features a built-in assembler and a set of examples that can help students out

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emu8086 in an application that can prove useful for engineers and students alike, enabling them to assess the capabilities of a 8086 microprocessor and understand its functioning mode much easier.

The application features an integrated assembler and compiler that can output 16-bit compatible code and bundles a collection of simple examples that can help you view how exactly a program is executed by the microprocessor, with the commands and the code lines that correspond to each step.

emu8086 outputs CPU registers, namely accumulator, base, count, data, source and destination index, base and stack pointers, code, data, extra and stack segments and instruction pointers. Double-clicking on a register value opens a new window where you can view the data type, hex and binary values.

The emulator provides support for the complete 8086 instruction set and allows you to view the generated screen, memory values, symbol tables, ASCII codes, stacks, flags and variables, while detected errors are displayed within a separate window. Editing options are also available, which allows programmers to experiment with new instructions.

The code editor features syntax highlighting and line numbering. The advanced search options, along with the bookmarking system allows convenient navigation throughout the code.

emu8086 also features debugging functionality and is capable of generating a simple operating system and write the code to a bootable floppy disk.

emu8086 is mainly created for educational purposes, allowing students to fully comprehend the way a 8086 microprocessor actually works and how it is programmed to execute instructions. The simplified examples are real tutorials, enabling them to run a program step by step.

emu8086 was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 1st, 2014
emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - The emu8086 application was designed to be an emulator of 8086 microprocessor and integrated assembler with tutorials for beginners.emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - From the Edit menu of emu8086 you are allowed to record a new Keystroke Macro.emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - This is the Bookmarks menu of emu8086 where you are allowed to jump to the last bookmark.emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #4emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #5emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #6emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #7emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #8emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #9emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #10emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #11emu8086 [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] - screenshot #12