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A lightweight and straightforward application that helps you create Visual C++ projects based on the default workspaces provided

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Creating a program for WIN32 and Windows CE or generating a DirectX library from scratch can take quite some time, that is why it is recommended to use a base program that has some of the functionality needed to create extensive programs and libraries.

jk-ware Basisworkspace is a handy application that can help you in this matter. It provides you with all all source files for compiling the basis of any WIN32 and Windows CE program or DirectX libraries. In order to properly work, the application requires Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows Installer running on your computer.

Handy software development tool

The utility offers you a simple and convenient way of starting a WIN32 and Windows CE project, by supplying you with a base program that can be further enhanced and modified, in order to create a fully-fledged WIN32 and Windows CE application, or a complete DirectX library.

Additionally, you can test out the initial program and see what functionalities you can modify or add in order to improve it.

Dependable base utility for software development

jk-ware Basisworkspace can be used to add extra functionality to your projects. It can also contribute as a kickstarter program, which can be further improved and enhanced, so that the final product will be able to perform a lot more tasks that the original version.

Aside from that, you can use it to test your own applications unto, providing that they are compatible with the libraries and functionality of the basic program offered by Basisworkspace.

A straightforward base library builder

To sum it up, jk-ware Basisworkspace has the capability of standing out as base software development package for WIN32 and Windows CE applications, or DirectX libraries. By further enhancing it, you can add new functionality to your own programs.

jk-ware Basisworkspace was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 5th, 2014
jk-ware Basisworkspace - jk-ware Basisworkspace allows you to create new Visual C++ projects based on the default template provided.jk-ware Basisworkspace - By accessing the Basis Project Adjustments window, you can change the checkboxes or room graphics of your project.