GSM SIM Utility

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A set of utilities that can help you scan your SIM card, modify the details of existing contacts and add new ones in the address book

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GSM SIM Utility is a software application that provides users with a simple means of scanning their SIM card, manage the detected address book, and save it to the hard drive.

Clear-cut GUI

After you go through a seamless installation process, you are going to be met by a pretty well-organized and simple interface. It is comprised of a menu bar, a navigation pane, a few buttons, and two side-by-side panels which enable you to view and compare the normal phonebook and the STK one.

Moreover, extensive Help contents are included, thus making sure that both power and novice users can work with GSM SIM Utility.

Managing the address book

After connecting to your SIM card, it is possible to read your contacts with just a click of the button, and from then on, easily edit or delete entries, as well as copy or sort them alphabetically. You can also insert new records, paste them from the Clipboard, write all changes to the SIM card, or save the entire contact list to a custom location, using a TXT format.

Managing SMSs and tweaking a few configurations

From the settings panel, it is possible to adjust the default phonebook records number, as well as the ones for messages, length of phonebook name field and length of phonebook telephone field. The language can be changed with just a click of the button.

Last but not least, you should know it is possible to manage text messages, read them from the SIM card or write them to it and save them to a TXT file.

Bottom line

To conclude, GSM SIM Utility is a pretty decent piece of software when it comes to managing your contact list and messages from the SIM card. The computer’s performance is not going to be hampered, the response time is good and the interface is pretty intuitive, yet not very easy on the eyes.

GSM SIM Utility was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
GSM SIM Utility - You can use the SIM Scanner utility in order to extract data from your SIM card.GSM SIM Utility - SIM Scanner can help you write data to your SIM, provided it is connected to the computer with a dedicated reader.GSM SIM Utility - You can use the SIM Editor to view all the SIM contacts and add new ones to the list.GSM SIM Utility - screenshot #4GSM SIM Utility - screenshot #5GSM SIM Utility - screenshot #6GSM SIM Utility - screenshot #7

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