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A reliable and innovative application that allows you to secure your files by offering protection from unauthorized use or distribution





SVK Protector is a handy and sturdy tool that provides you with means of keeping your files safe from unwanted usage or distribution. It does so by applying certain registration keys to parts of your software, making it inaccessible without the proper key.

The application can help you limit the access to your programs by adding time locks or removing certain features. You have the possibility to create time limited software,limit that can only be removed by ordering a registration key. In addition, you can create demo versions of your programs, with limited accessibility and functionality.

SVK Protector allows you to create demo and trial versions of your software, so that you can distribute them. This way, you can sell and commercialize your products, in order to gain profit. The application is build in Assembler, a programming language that works directly with hardware registries or components and that is being supported by most of the other scripting languages.

Furthermore, the application does not require you to know any programming language, giving you the option to simply complete and check several fields in order to secure your software products.

The demo and trial versions of your applications are fully protected, so that no other user can decompile or copy your code, even when the application is running. Additionally, you are provided with active protection against several forms of memory dumping, tracing, file detection or removal.

Because of the application’s cipher, which uses the 2048-bytes RSA encryption, your programs are secured from false registration keys generators, as the encryption mechanism can only be decoded by an uniquely generated registration key, which cannot be obtained with ease.

SVK Protector can help you limit the access and functionality of your applications, by encasing them into secured demo or trial versions of the original ones. This way, you can easily merchandise your software, as others will need to buy your registration keys in order to unlock the full capabilities of your software products.
Last updated on November 4th, 2002
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