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You can use this simple and reliable application as a graphical user interface to either compress or decompress EXE and DLL files through UPX

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UPX IT is an intuitive and quite helpful piece of software functioning as a GUI for the popular UPX, which is a command line program for compressing and decompressing various files, such as EXE, DOS or DLL.

This simple utility features a basic and rather unimpressive interface, but it manages to serve its purpose successfully, sparing you from having to resort to CMD arguments and complicated syntax. UPX IT only supports EXE and DLL formats, so if you need to process other types of files, this tool will not be able to help you.

After launching UPX IT, you can load a file the old fashion way, by browsing for it through your computer, or you can just drop it onto its main window. Additionally, through drag and drop, you can use the batch mode (without activating it from the dedicated menu), which allows you to process multiple files at the same time.

Following the input the source file, you can choose the compression method from the dedicated menu, with options like 'Normal', 'Best', 'Brute' or 'Ultra Brute', each requiring a gradually increasing amount of time in order to complete the operation.

Finally, you can select the process you wish to perform, either 'Compress' or 'Decompress', by pressing on the corresponding button. Of course, the operation still takes place through CMD, but you no longer have to deal with it in any way, and you will only see the window for a fraction of a second.

To conclude, UPX IT is a useful and reliable application that can assist you in compressing as well as decompressing executable or DLL files using a simple graphical user interface as a means of sparing you from the effort of trying to figure out how to work with UPX in its command line interface.

UPX IT was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 30th, 2014
UPX IT - UPX IT is a simple application designed to help you compress or decompress EXE and DLL filesUPX IT - From the dedicated menu, you can choose the preferred level of compressionUPX IT - UPX IT supports batch mode, allowing you to drop multiple files onto its window in order to compress themUPX IT

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