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CodeFusion - An advanced Patch Generator for Windows

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CodeFusion is a patch generator designed to help you compare two files or byte-patch at a particular offset, but it also can be used to find and replace strings.

The program creates a stand-alone executable file you can save for later use. The patch information is kept in a CodeFusion project file, in case you want to update it afterward. Moreover, the application allows you to create multiple projects and save them in the specific CFP file format.

With a wizard-like interface, the program allows you to create a new project and create the executable file in just a few simple steps. First, you have to browse for the desired icon, set the patch window caption and title, as well as specify information about the version and / or a website URL. In the next step, you can add multiple files to patch. CodeFusion automatically displays their name, type, size, creation date and CRC32 data.

The 'Add Data to Patch' section enables you to select from options such as file compare, byte-patch offset, find and replace or truncate offset. Using the 'File Compare' option, you can obtain comparing information about a desired file and the patch file and optionally include it in your project. CodeFusion also allows you to byte-patch, find and replace or truncate data to the file that it generates.

You can optionally choose to encrypt the executable data, as well as pack the generated executable file with internal or external pack compression method. After doing so, the program is ready to create the executable file.

CodeFusion uses a wizard to guide you through the process of creating your patch file, so it is easy-to-use and provides fast access to its features.

CodeFusion was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on December 13th, 2011

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