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A useful application that was especially created to help users restore an existing Turbo C installation to its initial working state

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Repairing faulty installations or restoring a program to its initial state, with the default settings enabled can be a difficult task and it will most certainly need some specialized utility.

In the case of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like TurboC it's not too easy to find a working tool that can fix everything with just a couple of clicks. Nonetheless, there is a program you can try and it goes by the name of TurboC Patcher.

Uncomplicated front-end for quick fixes

Once you setup and start this application, it will be very easy to revert a damaged Turbo C installation to to its working state. Thanks to the simple GUI, all the commands and in plain sight, so you can get started with the repairs right away.

The main window sports the essential controls that can you can use to configure the environment once again and make it suitable for your needs. There are no advanced settings to tinker with, so the job should be done in a couple of minutes.

Basic set of options for repairing Turbo C

Hosted inside the main window of TurboC Patcher are some elementary adjustments that you can make in order to have the IDE restored to the initial values. You can also activate some functions that will help make Turbo C more to your liking.

Thus, you have the possibility to enable the full screen mode, the double buffering or the mouse auto lock feature by simply checking the corresponding boxes inside TurboC Patcher. Insofar as the output screen is concerned, you have several possibilities at your disposal, which include surface, overlay or DirectDraw (Ddraw).

Using this tool you can even pick the desired resolution for the Turbo C window and the mouse sensitivity inside the environment. Once all the parameters are set in place, with a single click on the 'Fix' button everything should come back to normal.

Simple and effective Turbo C repair utility

All in all, this application can prove a real helper in times of need, allowing users to regain full control over an installation of Turbo C and have it reinstated to the optimal functioning parameters in no time.

TurboC Patcher was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 25th, 2014
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