Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8

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Experiment with the advertising capabilities in any Windows 8 application




The pre-release version of the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8 offers developers a great way to monetize apps written for this new paradigm.

Microsoft is focused on helping Windows 8 developers monetize their applications in a variety of ways, one of which is advertising. The purpose of this technical preview is to enable developers to experiment and get more comfortable with advertising capabilities that can be added to Windows 8 applications.

Get Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8 and take it for a test drive to see what it's all about!

This preview release permits developers to write fully working code for inserting ads into Windows Metro style apps. We do not anticipate that the APIs will change significantly between the preview and first formal releases, but you will be required to repackage your app with the final bits in order to receive payouts.
Last updated on December 9th, 2011