PL/PDF SDK 2.3.1

Generate PDF from Oracle PL/SQL
The data source for data prepared in a dynamically created PDF document is usually a database, often an Oracle RDBMS. On the other hand, it is a general requirement to store the conditions under which the dynamic generation took place as well as the generated document. It is practical to store these data in a database as well, for easy access in the future. If both the source and target of the generated document is in the database then it is best to actually generate the document in the database also. If the database we are talking about is an Oracle database, then the best tool to use for the dynamic generation is the PL/SQL language because:

It is integrated with the Oracle database; therefore it is the safest, quickest and most efficient way of interacting with the database
It is a well-known language for anyone who works in an Oracle environment; therefore there is no need for developers to learn a new programming language
There is no need for a separate server (physical or virtual i.e. separate software); therefore the cost of hardware and operation is reduced. Also, because of the simplicity of the infrastructure, the risks are reduced.

Get PL/PDF SDK and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

Main features:

  • With PL/PDF you can easily produce:
  • Page formats: unit of measures, headers, footers, margins, page numbers
  • Automatic page breaks
  • Use of rows and columns
  • Shapes: lines, circles, ovals, rectangles
  • JPEG pictures from the database
  • Fonts: type, size, colour, style, TrueType
  • Use of colours
  • Compression of pages
  • PL/PDF is more than a document generator for simple text. It includes:
  • Character encoding support. The default encoding is cp1252, but all encodings are supported, including Unicode encodings. Apart from the 5 standard Adobe fonts (Helvetica (Arial, Sans Serif), Courier, Times (Serif), Symbol, ZapfDingBats), True Type Fonts may also be used. All European, CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) and Arabic/Hebrew characters are supported.
  • Native support for JPG and PNG. All other image formats are passed onto automatic conversion by Oracle Intermedia.
  • Many linear and 2D barcodes are supported with our Barcode package.
  • The Chart generator displays complex numbers in simple diagrams.
  • The Encryption package provides ways to limit what users can do with generated PDFs.
  • A Java based and a PL/SQL based LZW and Deflate compression is available to reduce the size of PDFs.
  • The Template feature makes it possible to add new content to an existing PDF document.
  • Fill out your Open Office PDF forms with PL/PDF!

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