Alternate Timer

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A lightweight and user-friendly program that can successfully help you manage any timing operation (work, Internet usage or others)





Alternate Timer is an intuitive and efficient piece of software created to assist you in timing various activities, such as your employee's work schedule. Timetables will be created monthly.

It is possible to create a overview table that contains the content of several month tables (e.g. for a year). Alternate Timer is a program to record working time or other processes (e.g. the daily internet usage etc.).

One automatic or several user defined file(s) are saved for each month. In addition it is possible to combine several files to an overview document to get information in amount of a year or half a year for example.

Alternate Timer was designed for online as well as offline usage. Offline means, that the time settings are edited afterwards they happen. Online means the using directly, e.g. each day at work. In this case the program imitates some kind of stop watch.
Last updated on May 12th, 2015
Alternate Timer - The main window of Alternate Timer allows you to add various new work activities to your listAlternate Timer - From the File menu, you can open an existing schedule and begin working with it, by adding or removing tasksAlternate Timer - The Edit menu enables you to modify the hours of a day, a begin, pause or end timeAlternate TimerAlternate Timer

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