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A comprehensive task scheduler and automation software solution that can help you complete several actions at the same time, with little effort

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If you want to save time when working, you can try to complete multiple tasks simultaneously, however chances are you will make mistakes if you are not good at multi-tasking. The alternative is to use a dedicated app such as Automize, a cross-platform solution.

Before running Automize, you need to make sure you have installed Java on your system (since there are numerous applications that rely on this framework to function, you probably already have it installed).

The graphic interface of Automize is intuitive so you can start making the most of its functions right away. For example, you can schedule a third-party app to be launched at the time you specify so you no longer need to do it manually.

The application also enables you to schedule a variety of connected actions so that they are launched in chain, more precisely, you can combine the following commands: verify email, download files from the web, send an email, ping, print a document, copy a file and so on.

Automize can also help you manage your FTP servers and the data they host, as it can automatically rename files according to the criteria you specified, transfer items in batch and log all actions for later analysis.

Furthermore, the app can help you automate the downloading of chosen webpages to a pre-defined destination folder. If you set to monitor a website, whenever a change is detected, Automize can download the modified webpage.

All in all, the software solution can meet a wide range of requirements, no matter if you want to schedule sending SQL statements to databases, pinging a server, archiving folders, launching an Excel macro or many other tasks. If you are satisfied with its feature-set and you want to enjoy its functions beyond the evaluation period, you can purchase a license of Automize.

Automize was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on September 8th, 2015
Automize - Automize will help you automate a variety of tasks including FTP transfers / monitoring, Web downloads, or e-mail checking and sendingAutomize - The Create New task window will provide users with numerous Task Types like Run Programs, Archive, Text, Net, Variables or CSV FilesAutomize - Users will be able to access basic functions as well as Convert Chain to Visual Script or Backup / Restore settings and logs from the File menuAutomize - screenshot #4Automize - screenshot #5Automize - screenshot #6Automize - screenshot #7Automize - screenshot #8Automize - screenshot #9Automize - screenshot #10

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