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An application designed for monitoring, processing, measuring and marking of images received from different monitoring and capture devices: microscopes, telescopes etc.




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Altami Studio is an application that allows you to process, mark. measure and analyze images from microscopes, telescopes, X-ray machines, etc. All image processing and measuring actions can be executed in real-time mode (images are received from camera or another capture devices).

Application fully supports all capture devices with Microsoft DirectShow interface (most widely used interface in Microsoft Windows operating systems) including many specialized cameras such as Lumenera.

Eyepiece cameras DCM/MDC series are supported by Altami Studio natively which allows to use opportunities not provided by DirectShow interface. Definitely, the application also works with all popular image formats (bmp, jpg. tif, svg, and others).
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
Altami Studio - This is the main window of Altami Studio from where you can access all the features of the application.Altami Studio - From this menu you will be able to capture a new frame.Altami StudioAltami StudioAltami Studio - Altami Studio allows you to apply various filters to your images.Altami StudioAltami StudioAltami StudioAltami StudioAltami StudioAltami Studio

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