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A professional and powerful software utility that provides users with the means to analyze, perform calculations and compare groundwater data

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AquaChem is a software solution developed specifically to aid people that work on a daily basis with water projects requiring management, as well as numerical and graphical analysis. It can also be of help in generating reports regarding groundwater quality data.

Straightforward GUI

The installation process does not pose any kind of issues and it is over in a jiffy. The interface you come across is quite well-organized and clean, seeing it comprises of a menu bar, a few buttons and a pane in which you can view uploaded databases.

Although the interface is intuitive, novice users might encounter issues when trying to navigate AquaChem, as it clearly requires some specialized knowledge. Nonetheless, comprehensive Help contents are provided.

Supported databases and some actions you can take

This software tool supports import from a few types of databases, namely AQC, SQL and VBH, while you can also create a new one, in an AQC format, with the help of a template (TPL) from the hard drive.

In addition to that, it is possible to perform unit conversions, create charge balances, compare samples and mix them, analyze trends and generate statistics, so that you can make certain decisions easier.

A color-coded system and types of plots

A customizable database of water quality with different actions levels for each parameter is available, and it paired with a color coded system, so that you can easily figure out if a sample exceeds the selected standard and thus avoiding potential problems.

AquaChem comes bundled with many commonly used techniques of plots, so that you can represent data regarding the chemical characteristics of water quality, such as probability plots, radial, stiff, pie, frequency histogram, Ludwig-Langelier, Ternary and detection summary plots.

Conclusion and performance

The computer’s performance might be affected from time to time, as some processes might take up a little more CPU and memory. The interface is user-friendly and the response time is good.

All in all, AquaChem is an efficient piece of software, dedicated to professionals, and we did not discover any errors, crashes or hangs in our tests.

AquaChem was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
AquaChem - The main window of the application enables you to select the groundwater station you want to analyzeAquaChem - You can collect and analyze water samples, as well as filter the ones that interest youAquaChem - From the File menu, you can create a new database and export it as a ESRI Shapefile, data, MODFLOW, KML or PDF fileAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChemAquaChem

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