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This is a powerful software tool that allows any type of user, no matter how unexperienced, to create 3D models with a lot of ease and precision

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Autodesk 123D Design is a powerful, but easy to use software application that enables people to create detailed 2D and 3D models.

One of the biggest differences between most 3D modelling software programs and Autodesk 123D Design, is that the latter allows you to create a certain object pretty quickly, as the program offers you a lot of quick options such as already made shapes (primitives) to which you can add certain details. Furthermore, you will see that you can use a lot of smart tools such as the patterning one, shelling, edge tweaking and so on.

The interface is intuitive and has a modern design. You have a Main Toolbar to create and modify parts, a small cube in the upper right corner of the windows that will allow you to look at and orbit around the model you are creating.

A few features that will surely be loved by a number of people are the Snapping and Cruising options. The Cruising tool allows you to drag a primitive from one corner to another and it will stay at the same height. When you will drag a 2D or a 3D primitive onto any other piece, the Snapping tool will make it go to the nearest face or edge.

Furthermore, Autodesk 123D Design offers step by step tutorials and movies to all users, so as to be sure they understand all the key features that the product has to offer and they know exactly how to make use of all the options.

All in all, Autodesk 123D Design is a very useful and powerful tool that will allow you to quickly and precisely create all the 3D or 2D models you might need. The interface and the tutorials provided will make it possible so that anyone can use this program.

Autodesk 123D Design was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
Autodesk 123D Design - Autodesk 123D Design provides you with a professional 3D modeling application with lots of useful functions and tools.Autodesk 123D Design - You can insert primitives into your design using the designated menu of Autodesk 123D Design.Autodesk 123D Design - Autodesk 123D Design enables you to draw all kinds of curved lines on your design.Autodesk 123D Design - screenshot #4Autodesk 123D Design - screenshot #5Autodesk 123D Design - screenshot #6Autodesk 123D Design - screenshot #7Autodesk 123D Design - screenshot #8Autodesk 123D Design - screenshot #9Autodesk 123D Design - screenshot #10

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