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A helpful tool for those who want to decode and analyze continuous waves in a simple manner and have the results displayed in multiple ways

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CW Decoder is an application created to help you view and display continuous waves in a simple manner. These waveforms are used to carry information and the best example for this is Morse code.

As far as the interface goes, it’s not that comprehensive for the average user. If you're not familiar to this sort of application, then you need to read the help manual page by page to understand each button, slider and option.

The application can display a graphical spectrum, text, signal strength, code status, WPM counters and an overload indicator for the input signal. You are able to choose between two displays modes, line and waterfall. Threshold levels for the signal can also be set and you get auto, quiet, noisy and manual to choose from.

Since the application is used to process sound, one of its features is an audio filter that uses a noise reduction algorithm when the signal is processed. Having this option switched on can consume a bit of system resources but that only applies to computers with a processor that has less than 300 MHz capability.

Since CW Decoder uses text for the translated signals, its equipped with a scrollable text window in which you can adjust the text size and obviously, you can save the text itself in a TXT file.

The application can be set to work in three different modes. The first one, ‘Scan’ mode enables the application to function as a spectrum analyzer with a graphical display. In manual mode, it acts like a decoder in which you can type text. The third and final mode enables the application to decode CW and present it in text form.

CW Decoder is also capable of transmitting data using a COM port and enables you to synchronize to a receiving speed.

In closing, CW Decoder is a reliable application if you want to decode or encode messages sent using continuous wave signals.

CW Decoder was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 4th, 2015
CW Decoder - The main window of CW Decoder allows you to easily decode Morse code messagesCW Decoder - From the Options menu you have the possibility to select the sound card and configure the display settingsCW Decoder - You can navigate to the Text menu if you want to change the size, the type and modify the spaces

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