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A lightweight and user-friendly calculator dedicated to the cable and wiring industry, providing you with a wide variety of formulae

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CableCalc provides you with an intuitive application that can calculate various indicators related to the cable and wiring industry. It comes in handy for manufacturers, workers and home users alike, since it includes various formulae that they can apply to determine areas, weights, resistivity and so on.

The multiple-tabbed interface offers fast access to all the operations, which makes the application suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

CableCalc can determine the diameter ratio (in milimeters and inches), the area and the weight (in pounds and kilograms) of multiple types of wires, such as the American wire gauge (AWG), the Birmingham Wire Gauge (BWG) or the British Standard Wire Gauge (SWG).

The application comes with a built-in conduit capacity calculator based on the National Electric Code Standards, enabling you to determine the maximum number of electrical wires that fit in a conduit, depending on the two diameters.

The cable resistivity (DC resistance, in Ohms per meter) can also be determined using CableCalc. It provides support for multiple materials, such as copper, aluminium, gold, iron, platinum, mercury, Ni-Chrome and more.

This program can also be used for performing gauge comparisons, calculating the proper conductor size and find out the voltage drop of different types of wire gauges. This indicator depends on the wire material, the voltage and the phase, the one-way circuit length and the wire load. Once you enter the values for all these parameters, CableCalc displays the voltage drop and the conductor area.

CableCalc comes with a wide set of formulae that can be used for calculating different cable and wiring parameters, which makes it a must-have application in any engineering toolbox. However, before proceeding to applying the results in practice, you are advised to check them against official standards.

CableCalc was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 30th, 2013
CableCalc - The Area / Weight tab allows users to calculate the diameter, area, pounds and kilos for a specific wire standardCableCalc - The Conduit Capacity tab enables users to obtain the conduit and cable area in millimeters or inchesCableCalc - From the Resistivity tab, users can calculate the weight and resistance of a particular materialCableCalc - The Conductor Sizing tab allows users to obtain the values of a conductor made of various metalsCableCalc - The Voltage Drop tab enables users to calculate the voltage available to the load for a certain materialCableCalc

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