Carry-save adder

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A lightweight Java-based application that demonstrates the functioning principle of a carry-save adder, enabling you to fully understand its logic




Carry-save adder is designed to offer you a simplified graphical representation of the circuit, which includes one-bit adders.

Carry-save adder enables you to determine the partial products in the multiplication operation. The final multiplication result is calculated by adding the last set of carry bits to the partial results.
Last updated on August 31st, 2013
Carry-save adder - You can view the circuit representation within the main window of Carry-save adder.Carry-save adder - Using the right-click menu, users can create new gates and add new components to the circuit.Carry-save adder - The Layers menu of Carry-save adder allows you to port labels and symbols or activate the glow mode.Carry-save adderCarry-save adderCarry-save adder

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