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An efficient and straightforward piece of software tailored in order to help you visualize and design advanced 3D molecular models





CompuCell3D is a useful modeling environment and pde solver designed to be used to study cellular behavior.

This tool will help researchers (biologists and physicists) model materials and tissues without having to dedicate resources to developing code that will reproduce existing software.

Users can easily define model parameters in an XML file and run the simulation with our GUI, the CompuCell Player.

The GUI gives users an easy interface to complex models as well as real time visualization of their simulations.

By using CompuCell3D, you can easily design and observe complex cellular structures in an interactive manner.
Last updated on May 20th, 2015
CompuCell3D - The application allows you to design and analyze complex cellular structures and their behavior.CompuCell3D - From the File menu of the application, you can open simulation files stored on your drives or save your project to disk.CompuCell3D - From the View menu, you can zoom in or out in order to get a better overview, and also you can toggle the visibility of the application's toolbars.CompuCell3DCompuCell3DCompuCell3DCompuCell3DCompuCell3DCompuCell3DCompuCell3D

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