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This is a software for mind-mapping creative thinking brainstorming.

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ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a feature-packed software solution to brainstorming sessions. It can be used by anyone who wants get a deeper perspective on a particular idea, such as managers.

The interface of the app is professional-looking. However, first-time users might easily get lost in the multitude of options provided by ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

Upon deployment, you can start a new mind map from scratch or select one of the templates, begin a brainstorming session, or outline a new idea.

The concept of the tool is quite simple. You start off with the main goal and develop its "branches" by inserting additional bubbles and making connections. For instance, you can organize tasks, schedule possible interruptions, create the planning process and a daily routine, as well as categorize and prioritize tasks.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP supplies users with some simple tools; you can insert topics, subtopics, move to the previous or next position, insert a floating topic and mention relationships between items, as well as switch to freehand topic mode.

From the visual point of view, the program allows you to personalize lines, the foreground and background color, the map theme, transparency, pattern, symbols, clipart and links, just to name a few. Additionally, you may arrange the map in more than one way (e.g. automatically, radial, bottom, clockwise from the top, auto numeration) and go through a brainstorming session by setting a timer.

The project can be saved to file for further modifications, sent via email, uploaded via FTP, saved as a template, or exported to an iPod-supported format, Microsoft Outlook task list, Project XML, PowerPoint presentation, PDF, web page, graphic file, text outline, Word outline or OPML. ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports multiple languages for the UI, has a good response time and is backed by user documentation. No error dialogs have been shown in our testing and the application did not hang or crash. Since it comes bundled with a long list of preferences, advanced users should be pleased with the creativity possibilities provided by ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 8th, 2013
ConceptDraw MINDMAP - The main window of ConceptDraw MINDMAP allows users to access all the features of the software.ConceptDraw MINDMAP - From this menu you can insert into your project the type of object you want.ConceptDraw MINDMAP - This menu allows users to select the type of option they want to customize.ConceptDraw MINDMAPConceptDraw MINDMAPConceptDraw MINDMAPConceptDraw MINDMAPConceptDraw MINDMAPConceptDraw MINDMAPConceptDraw MINDMAP

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