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A small software application that helps you calculate the exact amount of concrete you need, depending on the dimensions of a slab

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Concrete Calculator, as the name clearly states, is a piece of software that can help you figure out the amount of concrete necessary according to the slab, footing or circular shape you are dealing with.

The interface of the program is outdated, presenting a classical design that was used in the Windows ’98 and ’95 operating systems. Aside from this, the app is pretty easy to work with, by any type of person, no matter how inexperienced they might be regarding computers.

As it has been mentioned previously, there are three types of calculations that Concrete Calculator can make, and all of these are presented in a tab-like display: “Slab calculator,” “Footing” and “Circular”. All you have to do in order to properly work in it, is fill in the blank spaces (thickness, width, length, depth, diameter, high) and just hit the “Calculate” button.

The application supports several measurement units, such as inches, feet and meters.

Concrete Calculator is able to offer you the exact amount of concrete you are going to need, expressed in cubic meters or yards, alongside an estimated cost in dollars. Moreover, the program can calculate the exact number of pre-mix concrete bags, be them of 60lb or 80lb, as well as the estimated cost, expressed in dollars.

All in all, Concrete Calculator is a very useful piece of software, as long as you need to calculate a certain amount of concrete depending on the footing, slab or circular shape you have issues with. The fact that it helps you make calculations for more types of shapes and that it shows the exact amount of bags and money you are going to need, make the program highly efficient.

Concrete Calculator was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on October 28th, 2013
Concrete Calculator - The main window of Concrete Calculator enables you to start your calculations.Concrete Calculator - To access the footing calculator you will use this tab.Concrete Calculator - screenshot #3

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