CooCox CoSmart

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Pin configuration and code generation tool that has pin multiplexing settings configuration, pin setting conflicts detection and effective code generation

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CooCox CoSmart is a very nice application for configuring pins and generating code. It comes with lots of useful tools all neatly packed in an intuitive graphical interface.

It comes with the option of creating multiple projects and exporting them to your computer as PDF or in the form of reports.

Easy-to-use interface with plenty of tools

CooCox CoSmart doesn't take long to install and it doesn't have a complicated setup that you might need to complete. You can use it to configure pin multiplexing settings, resolve pin setting conflicts, specify I/O cell characteristics and generate effective C code.

You can open .cos documents from your computer or start a new project from scratch. Simply create a new chip and start working from there. For the application to work properly, you need to configure the GCC compiler and debugger at first.

Configure pins easily using multiple tools

After you create a new chip, you'll need to select a manufacturer and pick the pin configuration that you would like to use. Select the peripherals and CooCox CoSmart will show you the pins that it contains, together with values and other details.

The status of values can be changed, simple click on a pin to enable it. In the top left corner, you can click the peripherals' name and the left bottom will show the corresponding configuration options.

Generate C code

CooCox CoSmart makes it easy to generate code, simply click on one icon and the code will be displayed. It can be used to generate CoIDE projects, enter project name and path, the folder will be opened automatically after generating.

You can also generate pin and module reports or export information in multiple formats. All in all, CooCox CoSmart is a very nice software solution for configuring pins, generating code, adjusting settings and detecting conflicts. It can be used for exporting code and information into PDF or other formats.

CooCox CoSmart was reviewed by Alexandra Vaidos
Last updated on September 30th, 2015
CooCox CoSmart - You can visualize the chip, along with all the pins and their function in the main window of the application.CooCox CoSmart - You can automatically write C code and create a CoIDE project from the Generate menu.CooCox CoSmart - Your chip design can be saved as PDF and you can create a module configuration report from the Export menu.