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Crystal analysis application built in Java





Crystal Viewer is designed as a small, easy-to-use and handy crystal analysis instrument. A crystal is a regular array of atoms or molecules. Crystals are important because most of the solids around us (and in technological applications) are crystalline phases.

The crystalline nature of these materials has a significant effect on their properties, so to understand solid-phase behaviors from the atomic perspective it is necessary to understand the basic geometric features of crystals. To this end there can be no substitute for visualization of the crystalline lattice.

Physical models formed from plastic balls joined by glue or sticks offer one means to visualize lattices. Such models are tangible, and can be held in one's hands, rotated and studied from all angles.

However, their substance and rigidity also limits the type of views that one can take on them. They cannot be observed from the inside, or deformed to provide alternately expanded (atoms far apart) and condensed (atoms touching) perspectives.

The aim of this module is to provide this capability using computer-based graphics, and thereby complement the physical models as a means for understanding lattice structures.
Last updated on March 20th, 2012
Crystal Viewer - The main window of the software lets you input the cell dimensions you want to use.Crystal Viewer - You can choose to display the clip, highlight and boundary from the plane menu.

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