DAVID 3D Scanner (formerly DAVID-Laserscanner)

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Scan and digitize three-dimensional objects using an intuitive application that assists you in building a reliable 3D scanner for your personal use






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DAVID 3D Scanner is an application specially designed for 3D laser range scanning that enables you to easily build a 3D scanner.

The object you want to scan has to be put in front of a known background geometry (e.g. into the corner of a room or in front of two planes with an exact angle of 90).

The camera of course has to be pointed towards the object. The special thing about this solution is that you freely hold the laser in your hand, "brushing" the laser line over the object.

Meanwhile the computer automatically calculates 3D coordinates of the scanned object surface.

To obtain a complete 360 degree model of your 3d object, we have developed DAVID-Shapefusion that automatically "puzzles" together the laser scans made from different sides.
Last updated on April 15th, 2015
DAVID 3D Scanner (formerly DAVID-Laserscanner) - You can use DAVID 3D Scanner to scan 3D objects and obtain a digital representation of them.DAVID 3D Scanner (formerly DAVID-Laserscanner) - DAVID 3D Scanner enables you to calibrate your scanner and your camera before starting.DAVID 3D Scanner (formerly DAVID-Laserscanner) - Users can easily change the laser color and apply filters from the 'Scanning' tab of DAVID 3D Scanner.DAVID 3D Scanner (formerly DAVID-Laserscanner)DAVID 3D Scanner (formerly DAVID-Laserscanner)DAVID 3D Scanner (formerly DAVID-Laserscanner)DAVID 3D Scanner (formerly DAVID-Laserscanner)

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