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A powerful modeling software solution that is able to handle several 2D and 3D formats for creating and importing various ship designs

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Working with tree-dimensional designs involves the use of dedicated tools that are required for creating, editing or viewing the models. Nowadays, when it comes to building various machinery or vehicles, such software is present in the development process almost as a mandatory requirement because it can eliminate many of the errors that could occur otherwise

Getting the calculations exactly right, modifying and transforming parts of the project can be done more easily with the help of a utility like DELFTship. Especially tailored to handle ship design, this application offers a set of handy features from a friendly interface.

Able to work with well-known file formats like OBJ, STL or DXF, as well as 3D surfaces and meshes, this program comes equipped with many samples that can prove a great starting point for those who want to build or simply analyze such a design.

The generous preview workspace area can accommodate immense blueprints and it can do so using various levels of precision, ranging from 'Low' to 'Very high'. Using DELFTship it is possible to group and view the properties of any layers that are part of the project, as well as edit and unlock points inside the design.

Handling the edges, curves and faces of a ship loaded inside this application can be done with relative ease, thanks to the dedicated functions that are easily accessible from their corresponding area inside the ribbon-like main menu.

There are also some separate sections where hull and tank display commands available, while the positioning of the opened windows on the canvas can be done in several ways. The 'View' menu contains many useful modes, while for preforming calculations you can visit the special tab from the main menu.

Packing a set of powerful tools for modeling, transforming and other actions that can be carried out on a 2D or 3D ship design, DELFTship is clearly a utility for professionals and advanced users. Although a bit limited in terms of functionality as compared to similar software solutions, this program is best fitted for checking plans and calculations.

DELFTship was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 12th, 2013
DELFTship - The main window of the program allows you to change the surface of your project and to view it from four different angles.DELFTship - To change the editing mode or the background image you need to use the context menu.DELFTship - screenshot #3DELFTship - screenshot #4DELFTship - screenshot #5DELFTship - screenshot #6DELFTship - screenshot #7DELFTship - screenshot #8DELFTship - screenshot #9DELFTship - screenshot #10DELFTship - screenshot #11DELFTship - screenshot #12DELFTship - screenshot #13DELFTship - screenshot #14DELFTship - The File menu allows you to change the program's settings and to import data from other design applications.

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