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This efficient and user-friendly application can assist you in recovering your DWG AutoCAD files, in just a few simple moves of your mouse

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DataNumen DWG Recovery is an intuitive and easy to use piece of software developed to provide you with the proper tools for repairing your AutoCAD files, sparing you from a lot of unnecessary effort.

After a brief and uneventful installation process, you can begin working with the application right away. It features a straight-forward interface, which makes it quite approachable even for those with minimum levels of experience with recovery tools.

The utility features several tabs that allow you select the function that you want to use, namely 'Recovery', 'Batch Recovery' or 'Options', the latter enabling you to adjust the functioning parameters of the program.

The 'Recovery' section lets you load the file that you want to fix, either by browsing for it through your computer or by drag and dropping it onto the main window of DataNumen DWG Recovery.

By default, the file is exported to the same location as the source DWG, adding a 'fixed' suffix to its name. However, you have the option of saving the file in any location and under any name you prefer.

At the same time, you can set the output format or allow the program to determine it automatically when repairing the file, but you can choose between several AudoCAD versions. Finally, you can press the 'Start Recovery' button, and within minutes, your document will be exported to the previously set directory.

In the 'Recovery Process Log', you can view the progress and outcome of the operation. DataNumen DWG Recovery supports batch mode, meaning you can easily work with multiple DWG files simultaneously, thus saving you a lot of time.

In conclusion, DataNumen DWG Recovery is a handy and reliable application that can successfully assist you in fixing corrupt or damaged DWG items, so you can handle your AutoCAD files unrestricted.

DataNumen DWG Recovery was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 31st, 2014
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