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An efficient and reliable application created to function as a ventilation fittings creator, meant to process 3D to 2D DXF layout

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Duct Guardian is an advanced and effective software solution aimed to provide you with the ability of accurately calculating the metal sheet dimensions for building various ventilation ducts, in multiple shapes.

Clean and neatly-structured interface

The application is fairly simple to install and work with, enabling even less experienced individuals to handle it without too much effort.

The main window lists the available duct shapes, allowing you to click on the one you wish to further work with, while the ‘Grille Calculator’ helps you determine various sizes and dimensions.

Effortlessly estimate the amount of metal sheet you require for constructing ventilation ducts

Duct Guardian features a wide range of shapes, including cylinders, cones, with various corners or elbows, serving several purposes, all depending on the piece that you are trying to build.

Once you have selected the item you want to use, a dedicated window will appear, allowing you to set the corresponding width, height, depth, radius or angle for the current piece, providing you with a real-time preview of the duct. You can also adjust the size of the connectors, zoom in or out of the image and save the elements to DXF files.

Using the ‘Grille Calculator’, you can input the width and height of the piece, as well as some other details, namely ‘Slice Angle’, ‘Net Distance’, ‘Frame’, or ‘Sheet Thickness’, in order to obtain the values corresponding to the ‘Slice Diagonal’, the ‘Slice Width’ or the ‘Slice Quantity’, saving the information to DXF.

A user-friendly tool for estimating 3D to 2D surface

To summarize, Duct Guardian is a complex yet fairly simple to handle program developed to assist ventilation constructors in determining the amount of metal sheets you require for a job, by fitting the ducts so as to learn the flat surface that 3D designs cover when unfolded.

Duct Guardian was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 19th, 2014
Duct Guardian - The main window of Duct Guardian displays the available duct shapes, allowing you to choose which one to work withDuct Guardian - The dedicated window enables you to set the dimensions of the metal sheet you plan on working withDuct Guardian - With the Grille Calculator, you can determine slice diagonal or slice width based on the width and height of the grilleDuct GuardianDuct Guardian

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