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This command line tool allows you to compute numerous parameters for an ellipse by entering the values of the minor and major axis

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ELLIPSE is a lightweight application designed to help you solve or check mathematical problems related with the perimeter or area of an ellipse. The program can be used in command line mode in order to calculate or approximate these values.

Generally speaking, an ellipse is a geometrical shape that resembles with a squashed circle. As most geometrical figures, its parameters have been studied in detail by a lot of scientists which accurately defined its focus points, axes and area.

However, finding the perimeter of an ellipse is not an exact science even if you already know all the other parameters. Until an exact formula is defined, both the students and scientists can use multiple methods in order to find an approximate value.

The advantage of this application is the ability to provide you with multiple results by using the elliptic integral method, RMS approximation and two variants of the Ramanujan’s approximation. All the results are displayed in the Command Prompt window which also displays the error margin for each of them.

Before using the program you should read the documentation from the included text file in order to understand the process of estimating each result. The package also includes the source code which allows developers to improve the application.

Besides the perimeter calculation, the app is able to provide you with exact values for the ellipse eccentricity, flattening factor and area. In order to calculate all these parameters you only need to enter the values for the major and minor semi-axes.

Since all the values are displayed in the console, the app does not allow you to export the results or copy them to the clipboard. You need to write down each value by yourself in order to use them in your projects.

To sum up, ELLIPSE is a practical tool for any user who needs to determine the area, perimeter and flattening factor for this interesting geometrical shape.

ELLIPSE was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
ELLIPSE - After you have entered the required data, ELLIPSE will display the perimeter of the ellipse.

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