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A simple and easy to use software functioning as a Java code generator, designed for the creation of discrete computer simulations

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Easy Java Simulations, also known as EJS by many users, is a reliable and effective Java code generator that helps users design simple computer simulations.

The utility is mainly intended for science students, teachers or researches who really know how these simulations work, but cannot afford the big investment of time required to create complete graphical simulations. It is a modeling and authoring program designed to let its user work at a high conceptual level, using a set of simplified tools.

The console that Easy Java Simulations comes with is the entry point where you can run all your simulations. It is used to start the program and launch additional processes that allow you to use all the application’s features.

What’s more, the utility provides you with three work panels for creating the desired Java simulation. The first panel, namely Description, allows you to create and edit multimedia HTML-based content that perfectly describes the current simulation.

The second work panel, Model, is mostly dedicated to the modeling process. Here you can create variables that describe the model of the simulation and write specific algorithms.

The third work panel, View, enables you to build the graphical user interface, which allows you to control the current simulation and to view its output.

Considering the main purpose for which the utility is intended, you can easily create Java applications that are platform independent, or applets that can be accessed through a browser.

With this situation in mind, Easy Java Simulations is designed to help users who need to create a simulation model concentrating most of their time in creating, writing and refining the algorithms and dedicating the minimum possible amount of time to the programming techniques.

To wrap it up, Easy Java Simulations proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to creating simple, yet independent and Internet-aware Java simulations.

Easy Java Simulations was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on October 13th, 2014
Easy Java Simulations - Before opening the Easy Java Simulations (EJS) application, you need to configure some settings in the console tab.Easy Java Simulations - Easy Java Simulations needs you to set the default Java VM and workspace in this window.Easy Java Simulations - Once the configurations are complete, you can access the Easy Java Simulations application.Easy Java Simulations - The main window of Easy Java Simulations allows users to select the preferred Java  version and the workspaceEasy Java Simulations - In the Description section of the application, users can create an intro page for their simulationEasy Java Simulations - The Model section of Easy Java Simulations enables users to insert various variables and set their typeEasy Java SimulationsEasy Java SimulationsEasy Java SimulationsEasy Java SimulationsEasy Java SimulationsEasy Java SimulationsEasy Java SimulationsEasy Java Simulations

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