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A well-organized electrical circuit is the backbone of any device or machine that uses electricity. If you are an electrical engineer or if you work in an electrical field, I am sure that you will find Electrical Calculations to be a very useful software in your daily activity.

Quick and easy calculations and conversions

Electrical Calculations provides a busbar calculator. So you will be able to easily calculate your busbar rating, dissipation and the voltage drop. The application also enables you to calculate the current ampacity, the voltage drop and to view the wire gauges.

By accessing the circuit option, you can easily calculate the parameters of a Delta to Star conversion or vice-versa (a Star to Delta conversion) using the decimal or the exponential notation and the resonant frequency of your inductance, capacitance and resistance (L C P).

Provides valuable data to use in your projects

Electrical Calculations offers you a list with the values of the most important constants. All you need to do is launch the Constants window and copy their value or their value and units of measurement into your documents.

The conversion features are very useful because they enable you to convert area units, energy units, length measurement units, mass units, power measurement units and so on.

Multiple calculation methods

We can say that it is a complex calculator because you can use it to calculate the indicative current rating for a 3 phase motor or the initial current required for a certain motor. Also, you can view a chart that contains the stat current curves.

Moreover, the application provides you 3 methods to calculate the power factor correction and also it helps you generate the engine and the alternator rating according to your values for the two motors.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Electrical Calculations is a reliable application when it comes to getting certain values just right. For an electrical circuit to be flawless and prevent accidents, accuracy is a key element, which is exactly what this application provides.

Electrical Calculations was reviewed by Carmen Stavarache
Last updated on July 19th, 2014
Electrical Calculations - Electrical Calculations will help you perform electrical calculations for busbars, cables, power factor corection, motor CTRLElectrical Calculations - The Busbar Rating window will provide users with Width, Thickness or Ambient Temp optionsElectrical Calculations - Users will be able to access options such as Rating, Voltage Drop or Wire Guage within the Cable menuElectrical CalculationsElectrical CalculationsElectrical CalculationsElectrical CalculationsElectrical CalculationsElectrical CalculationsElectrical Calculations

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