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Simulate elevator behavior with this tool so you get a better idea of waiting times, travel distances and the number of stops an elevator makes

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Elevator Simulator is a lightweight application that, as its name suggests, simulates various cases of elevator use within a building.

It’s a Java based application that allows you to load and create various cases in which an elevator is used. The application is mainly designed to offer you a certain degree of insight when it comes to energy consumption and trip time.

All of the above aspects can be tied up in one scenario that should be carefully taken into consideration by all building designers and owners: an evacuation. In this case, the application can provide valuable information about the time it takes for a number of people to get out of a building using an elevator.

Elevator Simulator offers you a list of simulations that you can use. ‘Random rider insertion’, ‘Morning traffic rider insertion’, ‘Three person trip bug’, ‘Three person elevator’, ‘People going different directions with only one car’ and ‘Three person two elevator’ are the scenarios you can use and for them you can change various parameters that influence the result.

To be able to customize a simulation and apply it to your case, the application allows you to set the number of floors, elevators, riders and the time it takes a rider to request an elevator. Elevator Simulator is an open source tool which means that if you have some programming skills, you are able to fully customize it so that it fits with all your demands.

After a simulation is complete, you can view the results in tables. You can’t copy them to Clipboard but for example, you can write down information about the waiting, travel and total times for each person in the simulation as well as travel distances and stops for the elevators.

In closing, despite it’s small size, Elevator Simulator is by all means a practical and helpful tool which you can certainly use in both elevator and building design.

Elevator Simulator was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 11th, 2014
Elevator Simulator - The main window of Elevator Simulator will enable you to set the needed parameters.Elevator Simulator - You will get your simulation in the designated window.

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