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Complex mathematics application that manages to combine numerical and symbolic tools and perform reliable numerical computations

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Euler Math Toolbox is a well stylized application that offers you a complete and comprehensive environment where you can perform both simple and complex mathematical calculations.

It’s a result of the integrated system of the Euler kernel and the algebra application, Maxima. With EMT, its possible to do numerical mathematics, symbolic or integer, as well as statistics and optimizations.

The application displays a minimalistic interface that allows easy access to all its features and tools. It’s composed of just the text and graphics windows. In the text window, that actually looks like a command shell, you can enter the commands and once executed, their results are shown below it. The commands can run in any order and the application also enables you to add comments where you feel they are needed. From the graphics window, you can view the generated graph and insert it into the text window.

Euler Math Toolbox provides you with large number of features that make it easy to customize not only how the application looks but also how it functions. With Euler Math Toolbox you also get a large number of command snippets and examples which you can edit to get a better understanding of how the application works.

Exporting the projects is also possible. You can choose to save the data as a TXT file, or as a HTML page for publishing purposes.

The symbolic expressions and functions are integrated with the Euler syntax and allow the use of real and complex numbers, interval arithmetics, strings and vectors of strings, solutions for linear systems and support for matrices.

Euler Math Toolbox is a highly versatile and helpful tool that comes in handy when you need to calculate complex equations. And because it integrates with other external programs such as Latex, Povray, Tiny and Python it’s clearly the tool that can tackle any problem.

Euler Math Toolbox was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
Euler Math Toolbox - Euler Math Toolbox is a reliable tool that can compute complex equations, expressions and functionsEuler Math Toolbox - From the File menu, users can save the graphics of the current document to PNG or SVG formatEuler Math Toolbox - The Edit menu enables users to run commands in a section or update the current commentEuler Math Toolbox - screenshot #4Euler Math Toolbox - screenshot #5Euler Math Toolbox - screenshot #6Euler Math Toolbox - screenshot #7Euler Math Toolbox - screenshot #8Euler Math Toolbox - screenshot #9Euler Math Toolbox - screenshot #10Euler Math Toolbox - screenshot #11Euler Math Toolbox - screenshot #12

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