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A reliable and comprehensive application that offers advanced tools for circuit board designing for both amateurs and professional users

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ExpressPCB is a CAD (computer aided design) software designed to help you create layouts for printed circuit boards. The program can be really useful for engineers but also students that need to create PCB's for personal projects.

Easy but requires a little accommodation

It is free to use and the interface allows you to get accustomed to its functions while designing the first PCB layout. The first step in order to create a fresh PCB is to have a good knowledge of its purpose and the electronic components that you need on it. You should figure that out before starting to design the circuit board.

Next you need to select the board that can accommodate all the components and the number of copper layers. The application includes a few templates to get you started. After this you should add all the electronic components by selecting them from the available list and placing them on the board.

Fully customize board and components

If you are not sure about the component name you can use the Component Manager that provides the list with all the available components and the preview of each item. You can also design you own custom components if you need something that is not available in the program.

Position and rotate objects on the board

When all the components are added you need to arrange them in order to fit all of them on the board. The program allows you to drag and drop the components, to rotate them and to group certain items that need to stay together.

Some of the components need to be connected and the application enables you to create all the connections required for a fully functional PCB. You can add text to the board in order to define a certain area or name a component.

Various export options available

After you have finished the PC board the program is able to export the output as a mechanical drawing file or an image file. These might be enough for the user that are just trying out a board layout. However, you can use Layout menu to estimate the cost and the shipping time of the board if you need the actual PCB.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that ExpressPCB has all the required functions to let you design a computer board. It's a handy application for enthusiasts of kinds, and even though it may not be the best out there, it still manages to live up to expectations.

ExpressPCB was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 13th, 2015
ExpressPCB - ExpressPCB is a user-friendly tool that helps you design or edit circuit boards and set prices for them.ExpressPCB - You can add new components to your circuit board, by choosing them from the program's built-in collection.ExpressPCB - You can place components and text on the board, rotate them or build traces to connect the elements.ExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCBExpressPCB

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