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A comprehensive GPS utility that allows you to create waypoints and upload them to your Garmin device in a simple and fast manner

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G7ToWin is a utility designed to help you view information stored in GPS devices while also being able to edit it.

The application is meant to work with Garmin GPS devices. G7ToWin allows you to communicate with virtually all devices that work with the RS-232 port. With it you can also edit GPX files created by the Garmin nuvi series.

G7ToWin displays a comprehensive interface which makes its use practical if you have at least the basic knowledge of what it means to edit data that is located on your GPS. With the device connected, you have a direct way of downloading waypoints, tracks, routes and proximity waypoints.

When it comes to waypoints, you are able to send them to MapSource or SA, remove exact duplicates and resolve dupes. You can create dummy routes, tracks and events as well.

To add a waypoint with G7ToWin you need to insert information about the degree display mode, address, altitude, depth, proximity, temperature waypoint name along with longitude and latitude coordinates. You are also provided with a very large library of icons that you can add to a waypoint, making it more easy to distinguish.

Every waypoint, route, track and event you create or edit can be transferred back to the GPS device and you can do this from the Command Line or from the interface of the application. Moreover, G7ToWin can convert between different types of GPS compatible files.

There is though a rather large setback for the application. It was created to offer these editing functions in a period when it wasn’t possible to do it in another way. Today, nearly all the features it provides are available by default in applications provided by Garmin.

So, unless you’re using a very old version of the device, or just want to go back memory lane, there is no real use for G7ToWin.

G7ToWin was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 19th, 2013
G7ToWin - The main window of the application allows you to load a GPS file and to view the defined waypoints.G7ToWin - You can delete or add waypoints by using the context menu or the Waypoints menu.G7ToWin - The user can change the program's configuration or export the current file from this menu.G7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWinG7ToWin

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