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A simple to use application that can simulate the movement of two objects and the gravity effects, based on their dimensions and mass

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GRAVITY ALPHA is a reliable application that enables you to calculate and view the effects of gravitational attraction between two objects, based on their dimension, mass and density. The software enables you to set the parameters of two objects, set the average speed, then start the movement simulation.

Preview sphere trajectory and rotation

Based on object parameters, the software can easily calculate the rotation trajectory of the lighter object around the heavier one. You simply need to set the values, for the object’s properties, such as three-dimensional size, mass, density and gravity force. You may also add textures and make the objects look like planets, atoms or random spheres.

You may manually enter the object data or load a template file that contains the set of required values. Several separate menus allow you to set the object’s impulse, movement duration and object layout. Thus, the impulse is calculated as speed (meters per second) times mass (kilograms), while time can be estimated as microseconds, seconds, hours, days or years.

Calculate trajectory and view movement

The View dialog box allows you to apply a pattern to the spheres, by loading an image file for a specific object. You may set the sphere scale between 1 and 9999, in order to determine the size of the objects on the display. Additionally, you may choose to view the entire scheme or just certain elements: axes, lines, trails and objects.

Once you have set all the desired parameters, you may start the playback and watch as the program applies the gravity effects on the movement of the spheres. You may view the rotating ensemble from the zero point, or you can focus the display on one of the two objects.

Science project assistant

GRAVITY ALPHA is a useful digital assistant in science projects, for students, hobbyists and professionals. The software is lightweight, simple to use and the view can be switched from window to full screen with one click. The menus can stay on the screen, for easy access, but you may also close them without losing the current configuration. Moreover, you can save the current values to a text file, and load it at a later moment.

GRAVITY ALPHA was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
GRAVITY ALPHA - GRAVITY ALPHA is a simple to use application capable of simulating the gravitational force effects between two objects.GRAVITY ALPHA - The software can simulate the rotation of a planet around the Sun, the movement of protons, or other custom objects.GRAVITY ALPHA - The time of movement can easily be calculated, based on the objects dimensions, mass, density and speed.GRAVITY ALPHAGRAVITY ALPHA

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