A simple to use software that is capable of calculating and simulating the trajectory of a specific object, based on its gravity

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What's new in GRAVITY Nu 1.03:

  • added OPTIONS dialog - now all options after project is loaded are on one place
  • added NUMERIC dialog - place where one can see numeric data about selected object
  • added THEME button - now user can switch between three themes, gray, red or blue
  • added LOAD PROJECT button on MAIN dialog
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GRAVITY Nu - GRAVITY Nu is a reliable software that enables you to calculate the trajectory and speed of certain ellipsoid objects.GRAVITY Nu - The software allows you to create several objects, by specifying their size, density and speed, according to the axes.GRAVITY Nu - The software can simulate the object's movement, according to the three axes, its speed and the time unit you select.
GRAVITY Nu is a reliable software that enables you to view a simulation of gravitational behavior of custom defined objects. The software offers object templates, for planets, the Halley comet or for the Sun, but you may also add your own parameters and create a new ellipsoid. The objects are displayed according to the three axes.

Object trajectory observer

The software is capable of calculating the movement and trajectory of any object, regardless of its size or mass. Thus, you may estimate the gravitational behavior of planets or small objects, compared with several models or templates.

GRAVITY Nu allows you to easily create your own ellipsoid object and observe its movement, with the help of the analysis tools. The DATA dialog box can display the current position and speed of the object according to the three axes, as well as the mass or density. Moreover, with each project, you may set the G constant value, which represents the gravitational acceleration.

Build your own planet definition

GRAVITY Nu allows you to define several objects, by specifying their size, mass and density. The objects you can create are automatically defined as spheres or ellipsoids, in order for you to easily calculate their trajectory. You may also specify it’s size, compared with other objects, at a predefined scale and apply a texture or an image.

The software can display the gravity simulation as an animation, change the view and modify the amount of frames per second. The software supports values between 1 and 50 FPS, in order to offer you the most suitable viewing experience: compatible rendering for smaller processors or flowing, fast rendering for more advanced technical equipment.

Play the animation and view the specifications

Once you click Play, GRAVITY Nu can render the object movement as an animation, as well as display the current position and speed values, in real, simulated time. You may adjust the object’s size, mass, density and specify the estimated gravitational force in the area where it is situated. Moreover, you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the image for a more accurate observation of the movement of the object.

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