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A comprehensive and efficient software solution designed to function as a sequence analysis utility, meant to help you in your work

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Gene Runner is a professional application aimed at providing geneticists and biologists with a reliable tool that can help them conduct gene analysis with ease.

The application requires SEQ format files that contain genetic information, which can then be analyzed using the 'ORF' (Open Reading Frame) button, that enables users to set the preferred Nucleotides or Amino Acids size, as well as select the 'Translation Table' to work with. After opening the ORF item, users can make various annotations for each entry.

The 'Restriction Analysis' function of Gene Runner enables users to only check a portion of the DNA sequence, by entering the preferred cut sites. In addition, they can analyze all enzyme types or only the palindromic / non-palindromic ones. This function also offers users the option of setting a precise analysis region and discarding the overhangs.

With the 'Oligo Analysis' function, users can select a small section, of twenty to thirty bases, click on the 'Oligo' button and obtain a detailed description of it, including all its properties.

The 'Sequencing and Hybridization Analysis' feature allows users to display the primer characteristics of the selected DNA portion, or discard certain types of primers.

Gene Runner saves the information on Amino Acids in tables and this data is also be used with the 'Protein Analysis' functions, the 'Suppressor' and the 'Translation Tables'. This is required as Gene Runner will send an error message if the used Amino Acid is not defined in the said tables. In addition, all information concerning these elements is editable, so users can fully adjust their values.

Gene Runner is a great tool for professionals in the field, as well as genetics students, as it provides them with an efficient tool for DNA and RNA sequencing. The only downside of this application is the rather unattractive interface, but the numerous functions and features make up for its flaws.

Gene Runner was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on October 29th, 2013
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