Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)

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Import 3D models or create your own from scratch with the help of an abundance of enhancements using this powerful rendering tool

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Bunkspeed Shot is a 3D rendering solution designed especially for architects, modelers and artists. This application combines simplicity with powerful features that can help you obtain realistic images from models.

Visually appealing and easy to use

The software provides its users with a simple interface, with well-organized menus that offer easy access to features. You can open multiple photos and sketches at once, in different tabs.

There is a variety of tools that can help you process your sketch. You can start either by creating your own model, or importing an already existing one. Then, you are able to modify the texture, lighting, shading and other elements to obtain a realistic virtual scene.

Use preset elements or create your own

You can import basic model formats and add multiple geometrical shapes to the sketch. The position of each item, resolution, focal length, its aspect and shadow are customizable items.

The program allows you to either import material files or create your own material by setting the type, dimensions, texture, color and other parameters. Each sketch you create can be assigned to a custom camera profile, which you can change anytime you want.

Customizable environment and lighting

Furthermore, the environment can also be customized, as you can modify its every aspect, starting with the background and dimensions and ending with the resolution, brightness and reflection. Options regarding image quality are also available.

Achieve high-quality object rendering

After your model is created, all that's left to do is render it. First, you have to set the output format, resolution, the render quality and mode. The rendering duration depends on the model type and complexity, but you can view the remaining time, stop or pause the process at any moment you deem necessary. Furthermore, closing the program does not interrupt the offline render, thus you can continue your work.

In conclusion

To sum it up, although it is focused on simplicity and easing the users' work, Bunkspeed Shot is a complete 3D rendering solution. It offers advanced features that professional users are looking for, allowing them to easily generate photo-realistic images of virtual models.

Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot) was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot) - From the main user interface of Bunkspeed Shot you an edit a 3d object and photograph it.Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot) - The Palette window allows users to access models, materials, scenes, cameras and libraries.Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot) - From the Scenes tab users can adjust brightness, gamma, rotation, size or height.Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot) - In the Cameras tab you can select the aspect ratio and focal length for the digital snapshot.Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)Bunkspeed Shot (formerly HyperShot)