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An application that provides users with the means to build and test relationships between attitudinal and behavioral models in a simple manner





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IBM SPSS Amos is a comprehensive application designed to help you perform Structural Equation Modeling or SEM.

Providing SEM, you can easily build graphical models using various editing tools that can be accessed and inserted with simple drag-and-drop actions. You can also use any numeric value and non-graphical scripting capabilities to run models of various complexities.

You can also improve estimates of model parameters and perform estimations using the Bayesian analysis.

With IBM SPSS Amos you are able to use regression imputation, stochastic regression imputation, as well as impute missing values or latent variable scores.
Last updated on August 14th, 2013
IBM SPSS Amos - The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to test relationships in attitudinal and behavioral models.IBM SPSS Amos - From the Edit menu, users are able to link, duplicate, erase, reflect, rotate and shape objects.IBM SPSS Amos - You can access interface, analysis and object properties by opening the View drop-down menu.IBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS Amos

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