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An application that provides users with the means to build and test relationships between attitudinal and behavioral models in a simple manner

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Quantitative methods and statistical ones, in particular, have seen a sharp rise in usage, corresponding to the increase in computational power of processors. IBM SPSS Amos is one such digital tool, allowing users to create powerful models, but also intuitive and highly informative diagrams.

Analyze correlations between items in large datasets

Essentially, the program can create common statistical models, such as regression analysis, as well as Bayesian estimations on any type of source data. Information can be fed into the program via multiple types of containers, including DBFs, MDBs, XLS documents, and even properly formatted TXTs or CSVs.

Chi-square tests and covariance calculations can be performed with just several mouse clicks and bootstrap analyses are also supported. However, a distinctive feature of this program is that it combines informative graphics with raw statistical power.

Create informative SEM diagrams

Getting results across to an audience unfamiliar with Statistics has always been a burden for researchers and analysts. IBM SPSS Amos seeks to address this issue by providing users with basic, but adequate tools to create diagrams. These images can serve to explain correlations between variables, a fact equations are ill-equipped for.

The ability to build structural equation models in a highly intuitive manner is one of the strong points of this tool. Another noteworthy aspect is its support for more advanced users, as the application can be run both with and without a GUI.

Users accustomed to scripting will also appreciate the built-in support for VB and C# customized programs. A separate module, “ProgramEditorCLI” is employed to handle code and one can even run and debug scripts. These user-built components can enhance functionality by incorporating SEM results into a larger project, or by creating classes to be called by the tool.

The program allows users to conduct basic or advanced statistical analyses, complete with structural equation models

To sum up, IBM SPSS Amos is a comprehensive application for anyone involved with statistical analysis, but especially users who are also accustomed to programming in VB and C#.

IBM SPSS Amos was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on July 13th, 2015
IBM SPSS Amos - The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to test relationships in attitudinal and behavioral models.IBM SPSS Amos - From the Edit menu, users are able to link, duplicate, erase, reflect, rotate and shape objects.IBM SPSS Amos - You can access interface, analysis and object properties by opening the View drop-down menu.IBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS AmosIBM SPSS Amos

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