Imatest Master (formerly Imatest) 4.1.5

A complex and powerful application that allows you to accurately measure the key image quality factors by analyzing each of your pictures

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What's new in Imatest Master (formerly Imatest) 4.1.5:

  • Interface Changes and Improvements:
  • Improved thumbnails in interactive modules like Multicharts and Rescharts
  • Fixed timestamps for certain charts showing in the wrong spot
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Imatest Master (formerly Imatest) - Imatest Master allows you to test everything from sharpness and distortion to color and illumination when it comes to images.Imatest Master (formerly Imatest) - By accessing the File menu, you can perform system commands or clear data memory.Imatest Master (formerly Imatest) - While in the Fixed Modules menu, you can perform a variety of tests, such as distortion and color checksImatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)Imatest Master (formerly Imatest)
Image quality testing covers a lot of photo factors, such as sharpness, dynamic ranges, color accuracy, distortion, noise spectrum, white balance, memory color uniformity, chromatic aberrations, veiling glares, color moire, artifacts and compression. All these combined can determine if an image is properly done, or if it needs to be manipulated and adjusted.

Imatest Master is a complex and elaborate piece of software that can help you check if an image or photo fits to the standard quality factors, by analyzing each one in particular. In order to properly work, the application requires you to have .Net Framework and MATLAB Compiler Runtime installed and running on your computer.

Powerful tool for image quality factor analysis

The program provides you with a multitude of tools and features suitable for testing a wide variety of determining image quality factors, such as sharpness, noise, color accuracy, distortion or compression.

Each of these factors in particular determines how good a photo was made, and it also gives you insight about the characteristics of the camera used.

Dependable image quality tester

Imatest Master can put all your pictures to the test to see if they fit all the standard image quality factors. In case that one of your processed images does not comply with these standards, you can always send it to be edited and manipulated.

Aside from this, the application has a pretty comprehensive and user-friendly interface, as all its features are modularized and individually accessible.

An overall potent and versatile digital photo analyzer

To sum it all up, Imatest Master is ideal for ensuring that your pictures and digital photos meet the requirements of standard image quality factors. With the help of the application, you can seamlessly test your photos for any imperfections or flaws, in order to make sure they look good.

Imatest Master (formerly Imatest) was reviewed by , last updated on April 24th, 2015

Runs on: Windows Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit

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