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Command-line program that helps you calculate coil dimensions based on various coil geometry options, such as straight round wire, N-turn circular loop, circular toroid and winding

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Inductance Calculator is a lightweight Windows CAD application that helps you calculate different coil dimensions. It can be run in the command-line console for computing the electrical self-inductance of various shapes and sizes of air core coils.

Portable running mode

Portability comes with several advantages to your system. It ensures your Windows registry doesn’t get clogged up with extra entries. You may store the tool on any USB flash drive or other devices and run it on the target computer without administrative privileges.

Getting rid of the utility implies a simple deletion of the files that you have grabbed from the Internet. There’s no installation mode included in its deployment on your system, as you only need to run the executable file.

Perform calculations via the command-line console

Inductance Calculator is manageable via the command-line console. It’s very easy to use and can be handled even by less experienced users that do not have the skills required for writing command-line arguments.

The tool reveals a list of coil geometry options that you can work with, such as circular solenoidal current sheet, straight round wire, N-turn circular loop, circular toroid and circular winding, multi-layer square solenoid (low precision), single-layer circular solenoid of round wire, single-layer square solenoid, single-layer rectangular solenoid, wire gauge calculation, as well as selection of dimensions in inches or centimeters.

Depending on the type of coil geometry model that you have selected, Inductance Calculator reveals different parameters that need to be input in order to carry out the calculation. The configuration parameters may refer to mean diameter (arithmetic average of the inner and outer diameters of the winding), length, and thickness of winding, total number of turns, and other options as well.

The inductance is revealed using the henry (H) symbol, and you may loop back for more input. The formulas used for calculating a multi-layer circular solenoid are implemented from the National Bureau of Standards publications, and are suitable for arbitrary winding thickness and length. All calculations are based on the assumption that both core material and wire are non-magnetic.

Bottom line

All in all, Inductance Calculator provides a decent feature pack for helping you conduct various calculations related to coil dimensions.

Inductance Calculator was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on December 19th, 2014
Inductance Calculator - The main window of Inductance Calculator provides you with a menu from where you can choose what type of computations you would like to do.

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