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A lightweight and easy to use application that was especially tailored in order to serve as a simple means of performing airfoil analysis

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In aeronautics and sail ship navigation the study of airfoils and of their properties is very important. Analyzing this particular shape requires lots of specialized knowledge, as well as a set of befitting tools that can perform the numerous calculations that are required.

Among the utilities that have been created specifically for this purpose you will surely come across JavaFoil. This quite light application based on Java aims to provide all the necessary instruments for getting an insight in airfoil design and analysis.

Through a simple and pretty well organized interface you can access all the functions of the program and design, modify and analyze airfoils. The first area of the main window is reserved for the geometry analysis and you have at your disposal a lot of types to choose from, load and adjust to your liking.

When it comes to modifying defining parameters of the airfoil, you will have to use the dedicated tab inside JavaFoil. Thus, you can assign it a new name, set thew number of points, the thickness, camber, scaling percentage, angles of flap deflection, trailing edge gap and rotation, as well as other variables.

This software solution is able to generate diagrams on the spot so you can visualize the velocity ratio, pressure coefficient distributions, flow field angles and many more. The surface related details are also up for scrutiny and the 'Boundary Layer', 'Poalr' and 'Aircraft' sections offer the necessary info in this respect.

The numerical values for the constants used by JavaFoil when crunching the numbers can be reviewed and modified, if needed, from the 'Options' area.

All in all, this application puts up a good performance and it can prove a very useful tool for students, engineers and hobbyists as well.

JavaFoil was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 22nd, 2014
JavaFoil - This is the main window of JavaFoil that allows you to perform the needed calculations and analysis.JavaFoil - From this section of JavaFoil you can modify an existing airfoil and assign new parameters on the spot.JavaFoil - JavaFoil makes it easy for users to design airfoils starting with the basic details in this tab of the main window.JavaFoil - screenshot #4JavaFoil - screenshot #5JavaFoil - screenshot #6JavaFoil - screenshot #7JavaFoil - screenshot #8JavaFoil - screenshot #9

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