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A highly intuitive and user-friendly software utility that can help specialists create customized buffers for their KML placemarks

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KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language and it is a format typically used to store geographic data and modeling details, such as various types of shapes, lines or points. This format is natively supported by Google Earth, but it is also compatible with some other dedicated applications.

KML Buffer Tool is an intuitive utility that can come in handy to GIS (Geographic Information System) experts looking to enhance their KML files by creating a custom buffer around all elements.

Hassle-free installation

Before getting to enjoy the functions of KML Buffer Tool, you need to make sure your computer already has .NET Framework 4.0 installed, otherwise you need to take the time to first install this prerequisite, and only afterwards run KML Buffer Tool.

During the installation process, you do not need to configure any complicated settings, so you will get the application up and running within minutes.

Create custom KML buffers

The graphic interface is user-friendly, so that even if you are not accustomed to manage complex PC apps, you will still be able to browse to the KML file you are interested in them adjust the buffer settings.

You need to start by specifying the buffer distance, then choose the measurement unit you want to use, such as meter, kilometer, centimeter, mile, yard, foot, inch or nautical mile. Moreover, you can mention whether you want to create the buffer around multi-geometries.

Once you are pleased with the configuration, you can press the dedicated button and wait until the KML buffer has been completed.


All in all, KML Buffer Tool is a straightforward software solution that can be used to quickly design a buffer around points, lines or polygons of a KML file - after it has been created, the application associated with the KML will be launched so you can assess the result.

KML Buffer Tool was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on March 10th, 2014
KML Buffer Tool - The main window of KML Buffer Tool enables users to select the KML file they want to processKML Buffer Tool - Users can choose the measurement unit they want to use for the KML buffer they want to create

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