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Take math learning to a whole new level with an interactive, step-by-step process of imputing and gathering data, as well as clever representation

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If you ask a youngster what the most difficult subject in school is, there's a high chance that math is amongst the top answers. This is because it's at the core of well-functionality of devices we use, integrity of your buildings and more. To make it a little easier to learn, Linear Algebra Decoded comes as a powerful virtual tutor for what the name suggests.

Intuitive, well-built design and functionality

Starting from the visual design and ending with export possibilities, the application is well-built from nearly all points of view. The interface is neat, with a side panel that lets you select any lesson with a single mouse click, while the rest of the space is home to your interactive workspace, structured in tabs to provide some degree of flexibility.

Rich library of content

Needless to say that the application knows how to process any variable you input. You get to work with matrices, with the possibility to manage rows, columns and more related options. Each lesson puts its own set of tools at your disposal, but you mostly need to write down numerical values in preset cells, or you can turn to a text input method for more complex algorithms.

There's no point in naming out all lessons which might take some time to go through and all of them being structured in categories like matrices, determinants and linear equations, vector spaces and subspaces, as well as linear transformations.

Clever output and export options

Unlike in school, result is generated at the press of a button. The way it's displayed is a neat advantage, with two output sheets being filled in. One of them is equipped with a step-by-step description of how to obtain the result, while the other just points out what to do and leaves you to it.

Both sheets can be edited on the spot in order to remove or add more text. There aren't any text editing options, but the layout is automatically formatted to differentiate titles, subtitles, descriptions and math expressions. There's also the possibility to print them out directly or export to RTF file.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Linear Algebra Decoded is amongst the best of its kind. With a simple and highly-intuitive interface accommodation is not an issue, while quick processing, several output types and editing options make your time worthwhile. Since math is not going to change any time soon and the feature set is abundant, you might as well give this app a try for enhanced home education.

Linear Algebra Decoded was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on January 30th, 2015
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