LumenRT 2

3D technology for the interactive visualization of architectural projects
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LumenRT is a Sketchup plugin that allows you to make your architectural projects interactive.

LumenRT is the only solution that combines real-time rendering with a full, physical simulation of light, letting you accurately experience the true volume and lighting of your designs.

Create high quality real-time visualizations of your models and explore them with your mouse!

LumenRT is powered by a state-of-the-art real-time engine. For maximum compatibility, it also features a low quality mode optimized for performance on slower boards.

Experience Your Designs in Real-Time 3D:
Gone are the days of static renders and animations: LumenRT lets you create photo-realistic environments and explore them in real-time, with your mouse or keyboard!
Walk or fly through your designs with full indirect lighting and enjoy a truly immersive 3D experience!

The New Media for Architects:
LumenRT real-time environments are packaged into convenient, self-contained executables that can be run on any computer without requiring additional software.
Securely share projects with your clients, so they can explore your designs at their own pace: It's a new way of communicating that's sure to get you the competitive edge!

Main features:

  • Experience Your Designs in Real-Time 3D:
  • The Only Solution with Physical Lighting
  • The New Media for Architects
  • A More Engaging User Experience:
  • No Need for Specialized Viewing Software
  • Seamless Background Processing
  • High Fidelity Real-Time Visualization
  • High fidelity, photo-realistic 3D Viewing
  • Accurate lighting, shadows and reflections
  • Fast immersive 3D viewing performance
  • Runs on any machine – no special viewing software required
  • Incredibly simple, push-button operation
  • Automated rendering output from Sketchup/Sketchup Pro
  • Save SketchUp camera animation as AVI or MP4V files.
  • Export:
  • One-click, seamless export from Sketchup to LumenRT
  • New in version 2: Standard quality mode generates a fast lighting approximation with global illumination!
  • New in version 2: Accelerated processing of scenes with improved visual feedback!
  • Export models and animations
  • New in version 2: Export SketchUp time lapse animations!
  • High degree of material correlation with automatic bump mapping
  • New in version 2: LumenRT material editor lets you adjust materials directly inside SketchUp!
  • User selectable atmospheres and ground materials
  • Create custom materials
  • Support for SketchUp "Face Me" billboards always facing the camera
  • Add your firm’s logo directly to your LiveCubes to further enhance your corporate identity
  • High fidelity, physical simulation of direct and indirect lighting
  • User selectable rendering quality level
  • Rendering process runs in the background allowing user to continue working on other tasks
  • Outputs a graphics “LiveCube” that can be published to any platform
  • Output
  • Simple, multi-mode navigation (animated, walk-thru, and orbit modes)
  • New in version 2: State-of-the-art DirectX 9 or 10 and OpenGL real-time engine offers super-fast GPU performance!
  • New in version 2: Dynamically adjustable time of day with realistic lighting
  • New in version 2: Physically accurate rendering of reflections!
  • Accurate, real-time shadows
  • New in version 2: Shadows cast by the sun are softened for superb, progressive lighting effects
  • New in version 2: Shadow softness realistically depends on distance to the shadow casting object
  • New in version 2: Lighting context affects shadow softness (e.g. shadows are smoother when weather is bad or sun is setting)
  • Beautifully animated water materials
  • New in version 2: Highly realistic underwater shaders with water turbidity!
  • New in version 2: Reflective material surfaces (mirrors, etc)!
  • Press F5 to save fully anti-aliased screenshots as you explore a LiveCube
  • Export the SketchUp camera animation under standard animation file formats (e.g. for sharing on YouTube)*
  • New in version 2: Create animations of unlimited length
  • New in version 2: High quality anti-aliasing avoids any unwanted jaggies in your pictures!
  • New in version 2: Professionnal motion blurring for ultra-smooth animations!
  • Photorealistic sky backdrops that correspond to the time of day
  • Publish your LiveCubes as self-contained executable files that you can send to your clients so they can explore your designs
  • Published LiveCubes don't require any special viewing software -- runs on any platform with a modern graphics card
  • New in version 2: Low quality real-time rendering mode for slower boards!
  • Sending a published LiveCube to your clients does not expose your SketchUp project
  • Note: You cannot use published Liv

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March 27th, 2012, 4:41 GMT
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e-on software
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What's New in This Release:
  • Standard quality mode generates a fast lighting approximation with global illumination!
  • Accelerated processing of scenes with improved visual feedback!
  • Export models and animations
  • Export SketchUp time lapse animations!
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