MASIC 2.5.3923

MS/MS Automated Selected Ion Chromatogram generator

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What's new in MASIC 2.5.3923:

  • New version of MSDataFileReader.dll
  • Added support for reading SRM and MRM info from mzXML files
  • Thermo files should be processed using ReadW so that they have the filterLine XML attribute in the scan element
  • For Non-thermo files, looking for attribute scanType in the scan element
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Apache License 2.0 
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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3 MASIC Screenshots:
MASIC - This is the main window of MASIC, where you will be able to access all the features of the application.MASIC - The Sic Options tab of MASIC will enable you to configure the Sic Searc Thresolds.MASIC - MASIC will also enable you to customize the Reporter Ion Options.
MASIC is a professional application designed to generate selected ion chromatograms (SICs) for all of the parent ions chosen for fragmentation in a LC-MS/MS analysis. The SICs are generated using the LC-MS data, then each SIC is processed using a peak finding algorithm to characterize the chromatographic peaks, providing peak statistics including elution time of the peak apex, peak area, and peak signal/noise.

MASIC can read Finnigan .Raw files, mzXML files, mzData files or .cdf/.mgf combo files. Results are outputted both as flat files (.txt) and in an XML file that can be read using the accompanying graphical results browser. The browser provides a fast, graphical method for browsing the SICs identified by MASIC, allowing the user to sort and filter the SIC list as desired. MASIC has been in routine use in the PRISM pipeline since 2004 and has been used to process over 40,000 datasets. MASIC has also been updated to provide basic support for MRM datasets.

Last updated on October 9th, 2010

Runs on: Windows All


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