Machinist Calc Pro for Windows

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A simple to use tool that resembles an actual calculator and can help machinists with a very large number of machining calculations

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Machinist Calc Pro for Windows is a powerful application that offers the functionality of an actual calculator and allows you to perform hundreds of calculations that are needed in the machining line of work.

As a machinist you always need to be precise in your work. It’s for this reason that having a complex calculator is vital. Machinist Calc Pro for Windows is a software solution that can help you out with cutting speed, feed rate, spindle speed, drill point cut depth solutions, wire size, bolt pattern hole layouts and provides right trail math, trigonometric solutions and unit conversion for area, volume and weight. Although those being only a few of the functions it offers.

Machinist Calc Pro for Windows displays an interface that accurately resembles the look of a real calculator. Depending on the screen size of your computer, or how clearly you can see the letters and numbers the application can be resized.

You get to use it just like a real calculator. You click the buttons to insert values as well as ti define functions and the application shows you the results on its display. Since the functions you use can get rather complex, Machinist Calc Pro for Windows offers you a ‘Tape’ window in which the calculation history is stored. In it you can view all the values, operations and functions you use from start to end. Moreover, you are able to select the entire text output and save it to the clipboard from where it can be inserted into a document or report.

The application offers you a series of complex functions that can greatly improve the way you work and is a reliable solution for when you don’t have an actual calculator around.

In closing, no matter if you’re an expert machinist or not, Machinist Calc Pro for Windows certainly has a place on your computer.

Machinist Calc Pro for Windows was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
Machinist Calc Pro for Windows - Machinist Calc Pro for Windows enables you to calculate anything you might need during your machining process.Machinist Calc Pro for Windows - From the tapeline window, you can view a history of all your calculations and print them if needed.Machinist Calc Pro for Windows - Accessing the File menu, users can reset the calculator or print the expanded tape.Machinist Calc Pro for Windows - screenshot #4Machinist Calc Pro for Windows - screenshot #5Machinist Calc Pro for Windows - screenshot #6

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