MaxIm DL 6.05

A powerful application especially tailored for those who are interested in exploring objects on the night sky and in processing astronomical images

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What's new in MaxIm DL 5.24:

  • Convert Color: Added a button to transfer color balance settings from the Color Balance to the Convert Color command.
  • Observatory: Added "Simulated Park" for telescopes that can't park or have undesired behavior when parked. Improved handling of tracking state when connecting to a telescope.
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MaxIm DL - MaxIm DL displays an information window and a screen stretch adjuster along with your capture.MaxIm DL - You can explore movie files by opening each frame in an individual window and you can save your ongoing project from the File menu.MaxIm DL - You can crop a specific selection of your capture and you can also edit each pixel in particular.MaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DLMaxIm DL
Analyzing complex imagery and recreating visual representations of various objects are tasks that require some specialized utilities. This is particularly true when pictures of planets or other celestial bodies are involved and in this case a tool like MaxIm DL would be more than welcomed.

Simple layout and extensive support for input files

The interface of this application is lacking any eye-candy elements, but the practicality of the GUI and the fact that it is well organized compensates for this lack of visual appeal.

Loading the imagery can be done in the usual manner, as with pretty much any program, the difference is in the number of file types MaxIm DL can read and work with. Thus, there are numerous RAW formats it supports, for photos taken with a wide variety of cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Minolta, Olympus, Fujifilm or Sony.

More particular types, like those that are characteristic to scientific data, like FITS, PC-Lynxx, or SBIG images that require highly specialized equipments to capture them are recognized as well.

Professional features for complex analysis, filtering and processing

As soon as the images are loaded in MaxIm DL, users have the possibility to adjust the viewing options by making the necessary selections from the comprehensive list of commands provided by this software.

The photometry, FFT and PinPoint Astrometry analysis are available from the dedicated menu, whereas in the processing area a lot more functions await to be put to good use. Image calibration, alignment or bad pixel removal are just a few instruments that, alongside a considerable amount of filters can help in customizing the loaded imagery.

Analyze and create imagery with powerful tools

All things considered, MaxIm DL is indeed a great package that can help advanced users carry out complicated tasks which involve the use of astronomical pictures.

Thanks to the very good support for a variety of types of input and to a solid collection of features, this application is certainly among the top choices in its category.

Note: In order to use the program for 30 days, you need to request a trial key.

MaxIm DL was reviewed by , last updated on September 5th, 2014

Runs on: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit

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